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Small Business Bootcamp

The world needs more healers, small businesses, and compassion. And if one or more of these is your calling, you will also need a lot more than your dream to make a successful business. Looking for the (kind) reality check of a mentor who is rooting for you to succeed?

Lily has been a successful entrepreneur since 2004. She has sold both goods, services, classes, and consulting- making a living with her own businesses and employing others, too. She has has businesses serving animals, artists, performers, and folks needing healing. Let her guide you for 24 weeks and help you get set up for success! Let the cohort that you join cheer you on and get you there faster!

This series is designed to help you move from idea to reality: creating a small business from scratch! Lily has been a successful entrepreneur many times over: web stores, consulting businesses, talent agencies, brick-and-mortar shops, a clinician, an educator, and more. She can tell you how to build a (successful) business from the ground up. She can also help you avoid the pitfalls many entrepreneurs face. Far too many dreams die and businesses fail. Get help from the start to avoid those pitfalls.

No need to reinvent the wheel! Learn in digestible chunks over six months. Do your homework around that month's topic to build your business- at the end of class you will have clarified your vision, triumphed over bureaucracy, created a business plan and marketing strategy, and started a real business- one set up for success.

This is a community based class, because we need one another. We will get to cheer one another on as we do the hard work of birthing a business. Share in your cohort's joy and sorrows! Support one another! Network! Looking forward to hearing about all your wonderful ideas.

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These classes are the 4th Wednesday of each month, 6:30 PM on Zoom.

Month One: Your business idea, birthed!
Tell us about what you do and how you want to turn it into a business. Does your business have a name? What's your sales model? Who are your clients/customers? Who are your "competitors"? Pitch the room and get questions to help you define and refine your plan. Get feedback from Lily and others about your idea. What's your "elevator pitch"? What are your mission, vision, and goals?  Will you offer goods, services, or both? How will you enter the marketplace? Do you know which corporate structure would work best for you? 

How do you get funding (or should you)?

And much more!


Month Two: Let's Make It Real!

Create a budget and business plan: realistic timelines/deadlines, costs, and revenue streams.

Pick a corporate structure and register your business. Set up financial tracking and administrative systems. How to decide on your digital presence: website hosts and design, domain name, social media channels, to blog or not to blog? What about video platforms? Learning all the moving parts that running a business involves: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.


Month Three: Who's Your Team? 

Can you do it all yourself? Should you? Business partnerships, worker owned cooperatives, sole proprietors:  should you have employees or contractors? Recruiting to Your Weaknesses

Systems of accountability and communication when it is more than just you, how to fire, train, fire, or outsource stuff. 

Second Half!

Month Four:The Joys of Marketing

What's your brand? Who does it impact? What does it reflect in values? Envisioning a logo that encompasses those ideas. Getting collateral made. Who are you trying to reach, and what is the best way to reach them? How to work with graphic designers, content creators, marketing specialists. Marketing strategy: do you market acknowledging your competition or do you market as an original/unique business? How do you engage people authentically? Digital and meatspace marketing strategies. Revisiting digital presence: Social Media- which channels?

Website enhancement, SEO, and Sales Funnels.

Email marketing, Advertising or no? Collaboration as a marketing strategy.

Month Five: Being Community Minded

How wellness businesses take their places in the community (and how that may be different from say, a pizza place). Creating the win-win through strategic partnerships and collaborations. Creating community partnerships that make an impact. Donations as a visibility strategy

How can you be of service and still make a living?

Month Six: Bringing It All Together (Presentations!)

Debut your websites, and any other digital or physical real estate: show us an ad or newsletter, share social media channels and the like. Give us your revised elevator pitches and any other assets you've created in this 6 month program.

Schmooze and show off!

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This class is $250 for the 6 months of Zoom classes and mentoring support.