Lily is a community activist who wants to make the world a better place. She does this in numerous ways: herbalism, community organizing, and education. Check out individual projects below and consider becoming a patron to support this work.

Herbalists Without Borders, Central Ohio

Lily founded the HWB chapter here and continues to organize, volunteer, and treat folks in People's Clinics.

Training Ohio's next generation of herbalists

Lily works to make learning herbalism affordable by offering work study, payment plans, and scholarships. We want more herbalism in Ohio, and Lily is working to make that happen by having more trained qualified people in the state. These are only possible with your support.

Beyond Theory: Building a New World in the Shell of the Old

Lily hosts a radio program/podcast on Columbus' Pacifica station (WGRN, 94.1 FM) that will be soon available through all podcast syndication networks. This program features people and organizations that walk their talk through activism, community work, the arts, and more to make the world a better place.

Free education

Lily is working with Haven Herbs to make free educational blog posts and videos available in 2019 and beyond!

Free education at Cancer Support Community

Lily teaches free (open to the public) lunchtime lectures around herbalism and holistic wellness at the Cancer Support Community, a non-profit organization helping families touched by cancer. Bring a lunch and learn with me!

People's Clinic & Apothecary

Lily has donated thousands of dollars to set up a People's Apothecary, which dispenses botanical, homeopathic and other medicine at People's Clinic events.

Sassafras: Ohio's Annual Herb Gathering

Lily founded and is organizing this herbal and holistic health non-profit with a soon-to-be herb conference (to be held Labor Day weekend 2020).

Liberigo Free People School

Lily is founder and administrator for a new, democratic school for kids 5-18 in central Ohio. Interested?

Freedom Economy: a barter and gift economy network

Late stage capitalism is... challenging. Lily is creating a network of barter and gift economy resources for people to make ends meet.

This work is only possible with support by you through Patreon. Giving a monthly donation (as little as $1!) helps stabilize my income so that more time is given to public works and less to side hustles. Please be my patron!
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Herbalism & Activism: 

Lily is dedicated to bring affordability to wellness for all.

Her Fullscript dispensary is online, open to clients, students, and community members, and offers 20% off retail prices on all supplements (which can be quite spendy, let's be real)

She offers this to clients, students, and the public as an act of service. You are welcome to create an account and search for supplements here.