Liberigo Free People School now enrolling.

LIberigo is a democratic school alternative for kids ages 5-18 that:

  • Values autonomy instead of conformity, and teaches kids/youth to question things and not simply blindly obey

  • Walks its talk on issues of freedom and consent (while simultaneously teaching the responsibility that comes from and the consequences of choice and freedom)

  • Gives freedom of movement and choice instead of sitting still doing worksheets and screen evaluations all day

  • Facilitates a love of learning and exploration instead forcing it and making learning a chore

  • Values diversity of all kinds and embraces it

  • Is willing to do the hard work of maintaining a community and its projects

  • Teaches equality and social justice by example and values all community members

  • Values time outdoors and playtime as education

  • Offers life skill training as well as academics for children/youth that choose it

  • Builds a community (for all families to be a part of) that loves your kid, too.


Does this sound like something that you and your family want, too? Join us in co-creating this school!

This page has a FAQ of questions asked thus far, several videos that explain the concept of the school and what drives us, and a sign up form for our email list (updates sent and meetings announced here).

Sign up for the email list (above) to find out about events and meetings. 

To the right is a calendar of events, including organizing meetings and fact-finding meetings around the organization of the school. If you wish to join in and you are unsure how, email Lily.

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