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Wed, Oct 05


Zoom Class

Wellness in Weeks

Get mentored for 24 weeks with a wellness coach who cares! 6 major areas of wellness are covered with lecture, Q & A, homework, and more!

Wellness in Weeks
Wellness in Weeks

Time & Location

Oct 05, 2022, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

Zoom Class

About the event

Have a chronic condition or pain and are looking to be as healthy as possible? Maybe you've "tried everything" and are at the end of your rope in your wellness journey. Tired of doctors telling you your problems have only to do with your weight? Or maybe you are tired of folks telling you your pain is all in your head.  

Wellness in Weeks is a program led by a wellness coach who cares. She knows you can be healthy at every size, and no matter where you start your wellness journey, you can get healthier and happier. Time to take those first steps!  

Every month, we talk about one of six specific topics to put you on the path to wellness. You may be surprised at some of the information presented- because it reflects not only generational wisdom but also the latest science around food, exercise, sleep, stress, and more. Every month after class, there will be assessments for you to fill out and return to your wellness coach and there will be homework for you to do in the area we are working on. You are free to check in and/or ask questions of your coach in between classes, and will be mentored every step of the way!  


Week One: May 4

All About Food

Debunking food myths and fad diets

Moving past body shame and fatphobia

Health at every size

How to cook, shop, and eat differently- this is a lifestyle change

What makes a good diet? Where do I get good information?

Speedbumps and sticking with it

Assessment of current diet and where you can improve


Week Two: June 1


You do not exist in a vaccuum: body care, cleaning items and other household toxins

How are chemicals (not really) regulated in the US

How to read a label and determine safety

What is molecular weight and how does it impact skin exposure?

How to get health related info in lieu of marketing

What is endocrine disruption and how does it affect me?

What do I replace this toxic thing with?

Speedbumps and sticking with it

Assessment of current products and where you can improve


Week Three: July 6


What is exercise, how much is required, and how do I get enough?

Exercise is more than burning calories: what it does for the body

Movement for every body: accomodating mobility issues, fatigue, and other issues.

Adding more wellness: movement outside!

Sticking with it and not hating it!

How to incorporate exercise: stretching, cool downs, and more.

Speedbumps and sticking with it

Assessment of current movement and where you can improve and integrate


Week Four: August 3


What happens when I sleep and why is it necessary?

What happens when you do not get enough sleep chronically?

Why do I have insomnia and what kind of insomnia do I have?

What is sleep hygiene? How do I improve mine?

Holistic tips to get to sleep and stay there

Speedbumps and sticking with it

Assessment of current sleep and where you can improve


Week Five: September 7

Stress Management

How does stress impact the body?

I can't afford a vacation!

What are my stressors: work, relationships, finances, time crunches? Identify them!

How do I eliminate stress?

How can ameliorate the stress I canot eliminate?

Assessment of current stressors and where you can improve


Week Six: October 5

Finding Your Joy

Not just eliminating things from your life- let's add things!

Mindfulness practices

Hobbies are not just "extra"

Self Care and what it really means

Joy in relationships, people, stuff, activities.

Assessment of current joyful activities and where you can improve


After the six weeks is over, you'll do a final check in with your coach, scheduled one-on-one!


  • Wellness in Weeks (Full $)

    This is for the full series at a discount. 6 month/24 weeks of coaching, plus an assessment at the end.

    +$7.50 service fee



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