Frequently asked questions

Questions about herbalism

How is herbalism different from modern-day pharmaceuticals?

Herbalism is different in many ways:

1. When using herbs as medicine, you are employing the entire plant (root, flower, leaf, rhizome, etc) which consists of hundreds or thousands medicinal constituents (called phytochemicals) which address specific and myriad issues. This differs from pharmaceuticals which are manufactured to isolate and compound one or two constituents. Pharmaceuticals, standardized as they are, do not always take into account the synergy of multiple body systems, often leading to unnecessary and potent side effects.

2. Herbal medicines were not created for your specific diseases and illness, therefore there is no herb to “treat arthritis” or to “treat IBS”. Herbal remedies are custom created for you- a whole person experiencing specific symptom manifestation with a specific constitution that is uniquely yours. Herbs, when combined together in a custom compounded form, can be remarkably effective in providing holistic treatment that is not just symptom specific, but whole body supporting. The plants work with YOU, as an individual.

3. Herbalism works with your body, restoring normal systems. Pharma usually replaces things and does not have this goal- pharma wants you staying on pharma. Herbal protocols are designed to be temporary and plan for their own obsolesence.

4. Herbalism looks at plant energetics (as well as actions) and then looks at the person needing plants (and their constitutions and how their symptoms manifest). Only after taking all this into consideration is an herb or formula recommended.

How does herbalism work?

Good herbalists don’t treat conditions: they treat people. Instead of relying on "this herb is good for X condition", Lily looks at you, your constitution, your condition, your current diet, lifestyle, pharmaceuticals, exercise, stress, and more to create a custom plan and possible supplement *just for you*.

Lily has helped thousands one-on-one, at Haven Herbs, and at Boline Apothecary (her former shop). When doing consultations, she puts together customized herbal and lifestyle programs to help with a variety of conditions. Herbalism works best when combined with a lifestyle that includes clean water, whole foods, gentle exercise, and plenty of self-love. Lily prefers to help her clients stay well, rather than treat illness- but she does both.
Anyone calling themselves an herbalist should be a highly trained practitioner skilled in the art and science of matching medicinal plants with people. Botanical medicine is both incredibly simple and amazingly complex. An herbalist has extensive knowledge of not only the medicinal potential of botanical medicines (from phytochemistry to pharmacology) but also a solid understanding of human physiology and pathophysiology. Combined together, this allows an herbalist to provide holistic treatment of varying illness using the therapeutic potential of medicinal plants (custom compounded to fit each individual need). In the United States, there is no licensure or regulations of who can call themselves an “herbalist” or who can practice using that title. It is extremely important to do your research and feel comfortable with your herbalist's level of training. Some herbalists can attend weekend seminars, online only classes, or brief certificate programs and begin practicing with little actual clinical experience. Some others have simply read recipes off the internet and think they know stuff! Lily is trained and has over a decade of experience treating people, making medicines, and educating others.

Who can call themselves "an herbalist"?

Anyone calling themselves an herbalist should be a highly trained practitioner skilled in the art and science of matching medicinal plants with people. Sadly, there are no regulations about this, so caveat emptor! I have been chagrined to learn that Columbus has several folks calling themselves herbalists with no formal or very incomplete training.

Botanical medicine is both incredibly simple and amazingly complex. An herbalist has extensive knowledge of not only the medicinal potential of botanical medicines (from phytochemistry to pharmacology) but also a solid understanding of human physiology and pathophysiology. Combined together, this allows an herbalist to provide holistic treatment of varying illness using the therapeutic potential of medicinal plants custom compounded to fit each individual need.
In the United States, there is no licensure or regulations of who can call themselves an “herbalist” or who can practice using that title. It is extremely important to do your research and feel comfortable with your herbalist's level of training. Some herbalists can attend weekend seminars or brief certificate programs and begin practicing with little actual clinical experience. Some others have simply read recipes off the internet! Lily is trained and has over a decade of experience.

Questions about wellness consultations and coaching

Does Lily do wellness consultations?

Yes, she does. She prefers to see clients who need long-term case management after they have gone through her Wellness in Weeks group coaching program. (This program was designed after years of seeing folks with chronic illness, cancer, auto-immune disease, pain management, and mobility issues.) It has been carefully crafted to improve the areas that she has consistently seen to be lacking in the majority of clients who come to her.

After going through the program, she would welcome you to do individualized care and case management. It is more cost effective (and has a quicker impact) to do the 24 week coaching and as well as individual care than to start in individual care and work on all these issues individually.

For individual consultations, she sees clients on limited weekdays. You can book here.

If that schedule cannot work for you, here are some other herbal recommendations:
There is one herbalism practice (Erika Galentin) that has office hours in Columbus: Sovereignity Herbs. They also see folks in Athens.
Also in Athens: Caty Crabb (You can contact her through her school).
There are also herbalists in Marysville (Dawn Combs) and Ashtabula County (Leah Wolfe).

Is Lily a doctor?

No way José! She’s an herbalist!

She does not "practice medicine" and does not diagnose or treat diseases or medical conditions. Her services are not meant to substitute or replace those of a licensed physician (and legally, she is not allowed to do so) and clients in her practice are free to be under the care of a licensed physician or other practitioner of choice. She is happy to work with other practitioners of any stripe on case management, too- and often does.

She tends to see folks who have "tried everything" and have been through the biomedical model and insurance-led care and are seeking something more holistic, natural, and individualized.

She does not accept insurance, as no insurance policies cover herbalism.

How do consultations work?

Before you book online and pay, fill out the intake form. Fill it out (give yourself 20 minutes, minimum), then book an appointment. The online system also takes payment at that time.

At the visit, Lily looks at this form, interviews you, assesses visible signs of health (skin, eyes, tongue, pulse, etc. when necessary) and clarifies a larger holistic picture of your health, and then makes recomendations. Each appointment is about 45 minutes.

Lily is a wellness coach specializing in herbalism and will make suggestions having to do with stabilizing the foundations of wellness for you (diet, appropriate movement, stress relief, relationships and support networks, and more). She will recommend supplementation if it is necessary to assist in restoring balance. Many of these topics are covered in the Wellness in Weeks online group coaching class that she highly recommends before starting individualized care.

Generally speaking, in these sessions Lily picks 3-4 areas or less to focus upon (any more than that is overwhelming and often self-defeating). She will often try and combine supplements so that clients are not burderned with too many things to take each day. If you are taking medicines or supplements that are duplicative or counter-act one another, she will point those out, too.

After your consultation, she is going to email you (through Fullscript) with a summary of what you talked about, your goals, and any supplements recommended. So don't feel like you have to furiously take notes during your session!

Getting supplements through Lily is easy, but completely optional. She will make recommendations and you can purchase them anywhere you like.

She has the ability to create custom formulas just for you or recommend other products. She often recommends Haven Herbs products, because these are also her formulas and she is familiar with them and their sourcing.

She has a Fullscript dispensary for you to use freely. This is an online resource for you to order supplements at a substantial discount (and they are professional strength ones, to boot). Through Fullscript, she is also able to find supplements that meet dietary and allergy restrictions for you.

Fullscript is also where your recommendation email originates- so kee an eye out for that follow up email (usually sent same or next day after an appointment) and you can purchase any recommendations in it through clicking on them within the email. Easy peasy!

After your consultation, if there are any concerns, questions, or feedback about the plan or following it, please contact Lily. This is also true if you make changes to the plan (changing medicines, supplements, or goals) between visits. The plan only works if it is followed and Lily is kept in the loop!

Lily likes to do case management monthly. After a month of following the protocol outlined, you should set up a followup visit to check in and work on existing and new wellness goals.

How has COVID-19 affected your consultation practice?

While Lily prefers in-person consultations (to allow for better assessment tools like looking at skin, eyes, and tongue), that is simply unwise during the pandemic. For the forseeable future, she is doing online or phone appointments.

Online via Zoom is preferable for those with a private internet connection. For those that do have this, a phone appointment is also possible.

Do you accept insurance or alternative payments to cash?

Because insurance is in charge of how people recieve care in this country, Lily, as an herbalist, cannot accept insurance- no insurance plan covers it!

Lily works to keep costs low and affordable to most.

Those who cannot afford the cost of a consultation- did you know that Lily accepts barter? We would work out the terms in advance, with both parties liking the terms of the arrangement. Here are some of the things Lily seeks in exchange for goods and services she offers:

Music lessons (piano, violin, theory)
Farm tools and supplies
Holistic wellness and care (like massage, feldenkrais)
Musical instruments
Handcrafted art and craft
Farm/garden labor
Used pick-up truck (running)
Homemade food
Canning supplies
Construction and repair help

She is open to other goods and services, too. If you have something to offer in exchange for consultations, classes, or herbal remedies- contact her with what it is and see if she's into that exchange!

Questions about classes and events

What are your workshop policies?

By registering for a paid workshop or class, you agree to this:
1. Fees are due at time of registration. 2. Payment alone secures your place: in person or online. Extended classes (that last multiple days) can have a payment arrangement in good standing to secure your place. 3. When you cannot attend a one-night class/workshop after registration: A refund or credit (student's choice) towards a class/merchandise/consultation will be given with 48 hours notice. No credit or refund will be issued for cancellations within 48 hours of class time. Please be certain that your schedule has room for all classes for which you registered. A student is allowed to find a substitute for their seat without penalty at any time. Please contact Lily in advance to give the name(s) of your subs. 4. Low enrollment cancellations by Lily: Students will be notified 48 hours before class & issued a refund or credit (student's choice), good for classes/merchandise/consultations. 5. Cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, illness, pandemic): you will be notified as soon as possible & that class will be rescheduled. If you cannot attend the rescheduled class, you can apply your payment to another class, or get a refund or credit (student's choice). 6. Class fees or deposits will not be refunded for any reason other than stated above. 7. Only registered students may sit in on class, this includes children/guardians. 8. Age restrictions are at discretion of teacher.

9. No shows. If you do not come to your class and you do not make arrangements to cancel 48 hours in advance, we do not issue refunds or credits. Instructor time is valuable, and you may have taken a spot from someone on a wait list.

Online class information

All Lily's online classes are available either with a small monthly fee or a one-time payment that is discounted. All classes are self-paced, no deadlines or pressure. All class content is yours to keep, forever.

Current online class offerings:
Foundations of Western Herbalism Online (anatomy, physiology, materia medica, medicine making, field trips, plant ID, cultivation, harvesting, processing, and wildcrafting)

Essential Oil Safety (all about how to safely use essential oils and what they are good for without all the MLM sales hype and pressure)

People's Medicine Course (learn lay herbalism a plant each month through guided lessons. This is perfect for people only wanted the knowldge for themselves and their family.)

Future courses being worked upon:
Wellness in Weeks
24 weeks of comprehensive wellness coaching in a team setting, with individualized recomendations. Appropriate for everyone, including those with chronic illness, pain or mobility issues.

Maiden Voyage: sex, relationship, and body education for children and youth that is science-based, consent driven, feminist, and secular.

Plant Allies: Magic and Folkloric use of Plants (multiple religious, cultural, and spiritual traditions worldwide to create a comprehensive picture as plants as more than food and medicine.

Medicine Makers Series: well filmed and edited video series on every kind of herbal medicine and the techniques involved.

13 Moons: a spiritual journey into working with plants, with new assignments and plants introduced each month for 13 months) and quite a few more!

Foundations of Western Herbalism questions

Currently, Lily offers an in-person version and an online version of this course. This is an "undergrad" type course- giving you a solid foundation. Grad level is necessary to start treating clients like Lily does- this includes a clinical internship and guided mentorship. See Apprenticeship page for grad level work.

The online version is self paced, deadline free, and you keep the content forever. It is designed for busy working adults who want to learn to think like an herbalist (which is different than thinking like other practitioners). After it, you will feel more confident in treating friends and family (from a well-trained place). You can see online class policies at the link above.

The in-person class is for people wanting to work as an herbalist in some capacity one day and advanced training is available for successful students in clinical and apothecary work. Lily is able to mentor you and watch your progress much more intimately with the in-person apprentice cohort.

Both classes use the same textbook: Medical Herbalism by David Hoffman.

In-person class policies and set up:

Note: due to the pandemic, the 2021 class that was due to start in January has been postponed. Stay tuned for a date announcement.

This is an in-person, 18 module class that meets monthly with plenty of independent work in-between. It is taught by Lily Kunning, a trained, practicing herbalist. The class is designed to be half lecture, half hands-on activities.

Each month, we do indoor activities (medicine making) or outdoor activities (cultivation, plant identification, wildcrafting, harvesting, processing)- depending on the season. In this class, you will learn anatomy, physiology, materia medica, medicine making, and much more. It is an "undergrad" course- giving you a foundational understanding of western herbalism and showing you the possibilities of incorporating herbalism into your life and possible practice. You can see the current syllabus here.

There are advanced apprentice-model studies available for successful students- in both clinical applications and apothecary applications. Current list of compentencies for that apprenticeship are here.

Payment options:
$1600 payment in full
7 payments of $251.42 (10% financing)
10 payments of $184 (15% financing)

Because class size is limited and my costs for teaching remain even if you drop out, tuition is non-refundable. This includes people on payment plans. Payment plans must be completed whether you remain in class or not, as the cost for the program (rent, materials) is budgeted based on the total enrollments.If you have more questions, please email Lily. If you would like to secure your place (seats are limited), you must start a payment plan and stay in good standing, make a deposit, or pay in full.

Lily can allow access to future classes for your original tuition and payment in good standing. (In other words, if you need to drop out for now, you still pay your tuition and can join a subsequent class. Just let Lily know which class you wish to enter.

Apprenticeship question

Lily offers advanced placement (in clinical, cultivation, and apothecary) for people that have had an "undergrad" education in western herbalism. The class taken should have been in-person (not online) and submission of curricula and affidavit of completion should be submitted for admission to the cohort.

Successful completion of Lily's Foundation of Western Herbalism, her Herbal Certifiate course at GAFEE, or another herbalist-taught class (of at least 43 classroom hours, 15 hours of field trips, and 41 hours of independent work) qualifies for entrance to the cohort.

Apprentices meet once a month for at least two hours as a cohort (currently third Thursdays, 5 PM), do one-on-one work at least two hours a month with Lily, do internships in clinical appointments or in the apothecary, and do independent work in the list of competencies.

Maiden Voyage questions

Maiden Voyage is a feminist, consent-oriented, coming-of-age class for self-identified girls and AFAB non-binary folks that covers sex, bodies, and relationships in a way quite unlike any other classes out there. Click for curriculum.

It was created to fill the gaps in state mandated curriculum nationwide. It is science-based and gives girls all the knowledge they need to make informed choices in the adult lives.

Lily was trained as a sex educator in two places: at Good Vibrations, a formerly worker-owned cooperative company that sold sex toys, videos, and books (and indeed made their own under Down There press). She was trained to educate adults about sex without stigma or shame and to empower those seeking resources. She was also trained in OWL- Our Whole Lives, a curriculum developed and offered to Unitarian Universalist and United Church of Christ congregations) and found it good (it is commonly seens as some of the best the country has to offer), but lacking comprehensive updates in areas involving gender, the internet, pornography, and other items very pressing to kids coming of age these days.

Lily is doing an in-person beta test workshop the first quarter of 2020 and using feedbackand questions to develop an online version later this year.
Soon, a partner class, Mensch (for boys and AMAB non-binary folks), will also exist.

Wellness in Weeks questions

Wellness in Weeks is a group wellness coaching program. It features live webinars, online content, and resources for 24 weeks- each week focusing on a different area of wellness: diet and nutrition, movement and exercise, sleep hygiene, stress management, removing toxins in your life, and finding your passion.

It is a holistic approach to wellness, run by me- an herbalist, educator, and wellness coach. It is different from any other offering of wellness coaching that I have seen. No matter where a student starts in their wellness journey, there is content (and enough customization) that will offer positive changes to all who enroll.

All that's needed to participate is a computer or smartphone with internet access and an email address. No technical knowledge required!

Questions about payment and money

Why is Lily promoting a Patreon?

Patreon is a website that allows people like yourself to fund others doing amazing work in the world. It is commonly used by artists, musicians, and writers. Lily has ambitions to do amazing work in Columbus and in the world with her herbalism and activism.

Currently, here is what she does without a paycheck, thanks to her Patrons:
1. Teaches free wellness classes at Cancer Support Community once a month.
2. Runs an Herbalists Without Borders chapter.
3. Practices in the People's Clinic and Apothecary (a free/sliding scale clinic).
4. Organizes a non-profit called Sassafras, which plans to organize an annual herb gathering in Ohio, has an oral history project for herbal elders, and funds holistic, herbal, and wellness education.
5. Does a weekly radio show/podcast called Beyond Theory.
6. Is co-creating a democratic school called Liberigo Free People School.
7. Teaches Ohio's next generation of herbalists. 8. Runs Make/Do Farm, a place for sustainable living education.

She needs community support to continue this work and expand it further. All these projects cost money to sustain and as of yet, she is unpaid for doing the work as well. Currently about 2/3 of her activist bills (web and podcast hosting, other expenses) are covered. The goal is to have all bills covered and eventually fund her activist work so she does more community work and less side hustles.

Funders choose the amount they want to give each month- from $1 on up, and get rewarded and also are rewarded knowing that they are funding good work in the world.

What will Lily do if her Patreon is fully funded (2.5K a month)?

Currently, Patreon is covering a portion of rent for classes and meeting space, web hosting, podcast fees, domain registrations, and basic internet and printing fees. We are about 2/3 there to covering 100% of those costs. Once those are met, Lily will start paying herself for this important work in order to do it more and side-hustle less. Activism, organizing, and mutual aid work, rather than gigging for money includes:

1. Herbalists Without Borders, Central Ohio. It boasts Columbus' first sliding scale holistic clinic with multiple practitioners, every month. It has an apothecary of herbal and holistic remedies and tonics for clients and people who come to chapter meetings. We make Blessing Bags of non-perishable necessities in November and december annually and host herb swaps and seed swaps, too. We are hoping to run a community garden for food and medicine in 2020. This takes lots of coordination and volunteer management, as well as direct volunteer time.

2. Teaching affordable herbalism classes. She is filling a void of affordable education for people pursuing herbal studies. Her online and in-person classes are already some of the most affordable classes of their kind nationwide, but she hopes to subsidize them further and offer scholarships- particularly for communities of color, immigrants, and the working poor.

3. She is organizing a new non-profit here in central Ohio, called Sassafras. It's mission is to preserve holistic and botanical legacies of wellness for future generations. We do this through classes, seedling sales, an oral history project, and an annual conference.

4. She founded and administers Liberigo Free People School, a small democratic school for ages 5-8 here in Ohio.

5. She produces and hosts Beyond Theory, a radio broadcast/podcast featuring people doing the work of making the world a better place.

6. Make/Do Farm: Lily wants to make her home an epicenter of sustainable classes in herbalism and more!

7. Freedom Economy: She wants to host a gift and barter economy website for central Ohio, to work on fair exchange beyond capitalism.

In order to do this organizing work, she needs to be able to provide for her family too. By stabilizing her income through Patreon, she can dedicate all of her time to these organizing pursuits, rather than dividing her time between making money and pursing the greater good. If you like and agree with her vision, consider becoming a patron!

Do you accept other payment types (other than cash and credit card)?

Lily cannot accept insurance (for reasons outside of her control) for wellness consultations.

She accepts cash, VenMo, and credit/debit card.

Did you also know that Lily accepts barter for anything she offers (consultations, classes, products)?

We would work out the terms in advance, with both parties liking the terms of the arrangement. Here are some of the things Lily seeks in exchange for goods and services she offers:

Music lessons (piano, theory)
Farm tools and supplies
Holistic wellness and care (like massage, feldenkrais)
Musical instruments
Handcrafted art and craft
Farm/garden labor
Used pick-up truck (running)
Homemade food
Canning supplies
Construction and repair help

She is open to other goods and services, too. If you have something to offer in exchange for consultations, classes, or herbal remedies- contact her with what it is and see if she's into that exchange!

Questions about Lily's role in all the businesses she works in

What is Haven Herbs?

Haven Herbs is a worker-owned herbal apotheary company. Anytime you meet someone repping Haven, you are meeting an owner! This company got its start with all of Lily's formulas (formerly under the label Boline Apothecary).

Lily is still chief formulator, herbalist, and does sourcing for Haven. She is also in charge of the community relations department, which includes education and mutual aid efforts.

What is Beyond Theory?

Beyond Theory is Lily's activist radio program and podcast. We live in some dark times, and Lily wanted to highlight those doing the work to make the world a better place through action (hence the name of the show).

The show is on hiatus during the pandemic.

It was airing Fridays at 11 AM on WGRN 94.1 LP FM in Columbus (and livestreamed on their website at that time), and was available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Tune In as a podcast.

What is Sassafras?

Sassafras is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to spread and preserve folksways. To this end, it has several projects:

Elder: which is an oral history project of herbalism's elders that documents history, protocols, and case studies for posterity (the archive is to be hosted on Sassafras' website).

Plant Allies: this is to be a networking database for herbalism in Ohio.

Seed Library: A free lending library that also takes donations of seeds for all kinds of plants.

Seed Swap: A free event where folks bring and take seeds from one another each January and people can also donate to the seed library.

Seedling Sale: Each spring, we take pre-orders of medicinal seedlings as a fundraiser for Sassafras' work. We work to increase gardening as an activity in central Ohio.

Ironweed: This online school teaches on topics that meet Sassafras' mission: preserving and promoting folkways. Herbalism, gardeing, canning, preserving, blacksmithing, any number of topics. Sassafras is always looking for qualified teachers to put a class online with Ironweed.

What is Herbalists Without Borders?

Herbalists Without Borders is an international NGO that works to deliver health care and food justice worldwide through the work of its chapters. The central Ohio chapter runs a People's Clinic and Apothecary (it will return post-pandemic), seed and herb swaps, and grows herbs to send to the International organization for distribution to other clinic projects. We hope to have other events and projects soon. It is volunteer run and could use your participation!

What is Make/Do Farm?

This is Lily's homestead and working farm where she grows food for her family, medicine for Haven Herbs, Herbalists Without Borders, her family, and her herb classe. It is where she teaches about herbalism and sustainable living.

It is a constant work in progress. Plans are in the works for a licensed production facility for Haven and other businesses, cultivation and herb processing classes, and a YouTube channel.

What is Freedom Economy?

This is Lily's vision of creating a gift and barter economy project. She is creating an online searchable database of people who barter and give goods and services. It is being created to outlast the capitalist method of exchange that has excluded and short-changed so many.

Questions about formulations and recommendations

What does custom formulation involve?

Lily makes custom formulations for individuals in two ways:

1. She formulates for an individual consultation client after meeting and setting health goals with them.

2. She can create a custom formula for a client after a series of email check-ins for verification and make it available. This is for folks looking to replicate a formula and does not replace a consultation or case management.

Usually, these can be made available within 2-3 days. However custom formulations may require getting a specific herb or tincture not in stock. In that case, it could take up to a week or more, but Lily will advise you if that is the case.

Formulas will be invoiced online and then shipped to you. You will pay actual shipping, no handling fee.

She also makes custom formulations for businesses.

In this scenario, a meeting to set out goals, a contract outlining the scope of the work, and a series of trial formulations would be created for review. Once a formula is agreed upon, the sale of the formula, along with rights of ownership and replication would belong to the client.

Can you get me supplements that I need?

Yep. In addition to custom formulations that she makes for some of her clients and the ready-to-purchase items she makes for Haven Herbs, she also has access to premium supplements through Fullscript.

These can be purchased online through her Fullscript portal where folks receive up to 20% off retail prices. Lily will speak to you about Fullscript orders and recommendation emails during your consultation if they apply to you. (Or you can register in the footer of her website and create an account on your own.)

Disclaimer: Lily Kunning, Community Herbalist receives a 5% percent of sales from supplements purchased through Fullscript, even with your substantial discount. You can get them through the recommendations or portal or elsewhere, your choice. But it is often cheaper to get them through Lily's Fullscript.

Questions about Fullscript recommendations.

After your wellness consultation intake, Lily will follow up with you via email (this email comes through the Fullscript portal). In that email, she will reiterate the plan you created together, the goals the two of your focused upon, and how to achieve those goals. She will attach links and resources to this email, and she may recommend supplementation.

Supplementation could be custom herbal formulas that she makes herself (specifically for you), a Haven Herbs product (she also formulates these), or they could be items she does not make like probiotics, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, etc. For these items, she can offer clients a discounted rate on professional grade supplements that she has vetted and she recommends through Fullscript.

She does it this way for several reasons: It allows clients to order directly from Fullscript, at a discount, and not search for the exact item (and often get frustrated) at multiple brick and mortar stores. It allows very specific criteria in supplement formulation that a client may not know to look for. (Lily often will recommend specific strengths or dosages or have preferences in how the formulas are prepared: her standards are quite high,) She has "go-to" products she finds superior to the mediocre supplements that often grace the GNC or Whole Foods shelves. These superior products will be the ones on your Fullscript recommendation.

Whether or not you purhase supplement recommendations from Fullscript (you can purchase supplements anywhere you like, no pressure!), your follow up email will come through the Fullscript portal.

Are your products or herbal supplements regulated by the FDA?

Short answer: No, for many, mostly political, reasons. Herbs andsupplements are not regulated, and instead, have to post a disclaimer.

Long answer:
Statements made on this website regarding the herbal and natural products offered by Lily and/or Haven Herbs have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (because the FDA does not evaluate or test herbs). This information has not been evaluated by the USFDA, nor has it gone through the "rigorous double-blind studies required before a particular product can be deemed truly beneficial or potentially dangerous and prescribed in the treatment of any condition or disease". (Their required language, not mine- as herbs are indeed tested in other countries using rigorous scientific methods, just not in the USA.)
More required language: The information presented on this site is provided for informational purposes only, it is not meant to substitute for medical advice or diagnosis provided by your physician or other medical professional. Do not use this information to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or health condition. If you have, or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your physician or health care provider. The products talked about on this website are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, consult with your physician for diagnosis or treatment. Use herbs as per instructions and always watch for any allergic reactions. You should always carefully read all product packaging and labels. Always consult your physician or health care provider before using any herbal products, especially if you have a medical problem. If your condition persists or worsens, see a health practitioner. Lily Kunning, Community Herbalist and/or Haven Herbs and/or their proprietors assume no liability for any injury, illness or adverse affects caused by the misuse and/or use of the information or products presented on this website or All ingredients used in the manufacture of our health and wellness products are food grade and of plant or natural origin. All ingredients are classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). No synthetic colors, dyes, fragrances or additives are added to any product. Please visit this FDA website to clear any confusions you have on cosmetics and their ingredients.

Questions about Boline Apothecary or products that were there

I used to get a Boline Apothecary formula. Where can I get it now?

Lily makes herbal formulas that many in Columbus (and now the country) rely upon. With the closing of Boline Apothecary, many are confused where to get their needed items. In February 2018, Lily launched Haven Herbs as a worker-owned cooperative. Haven has most of the things Lily used to make for Boline. Shop Haven here.

Lily also makes custom and limited edition products upon request.

What happened to Boline Apothecary?

Lily ran Boline as a sole proprietor for 4 years and in that time, the shop was much loved. It was too much work for one person to manage. It was also hard to make ends meet every month. Small retail, especially brick and mortar, has lower margins but all the costs that the big box shops have. If you love small independent shops, make sure you spend most of your shopping money at them, because they sure do need it! And shopping local is more supportive of your community than big box- more money gets reinvested locally when you shop this way.

Lily tried getting a business partner and when that did not work, she eventually decided to form a worker-owned cooperative. After looking at the financials, the group decided to keep the formulations which everyone wanted and start with a cleaner, leaner business model- and Haven Herbs was born.

Where do I get bulk herbs now that Boline is closed?

While none of the local shops who have bulk herbs have the 400+ botanicals and ingredients that Boline did, here are the two local places that have herbs and other things in bulk:

Clintonville Natural Foods, 4398 Indianola Avenue, Clintonville, OH 43214
Bexley Natural Market, 508 North Cassady Avenue, Bexley, OH 43209

Online, we recommend Mountain Rose Herbs for sustainably sourced bulk herbs.