Fancy becoming an herbalist?

Not everyone should call themselves an herbalist! Training is the key to being able to help someone with plant based medicine. Learn to heal others by enrolling in the next cohort of this 18 month class today! 
Time left to enroll:

Limited enrollment offered to ensure each student gets attention. Contact Lily to reserve your spot.
Class is will be third Wednesdays of each month for 18 months starting in May 2020.
Download the syllabus for this class here.

Advanced modules (clinical and/or apothecary) happen after successful completion of this class.

Who takes an herb class? Many different kinds of people have been my students. Some are practitioners of some sort: nurses, dentists, MDs, midwives, or massage therapists. Many have never had anatomy or physiology experience and are absolute beginners. All are curious, love nature, and want to help people. Above are some of my students on a field trip. Join us!


The systems of the body and how they interrelate and function.

Introduction to energetics and constitutions: How the same diagnosis may mean different treatments for different people- how herbalism goes way beyond "herb X is good for condition Y".

How herbalists see these systems differently than modern medicine and why.

How to understand what doctor diagnoses mean and translate them into a holistic mindset.


The plants themselves: their actions and energetics.

How plants affect the body systems and why.

Plant identification and field work.

Cultivation and Wildcrafting: Not just medicinal but ethical and sustainability considerations.

Harvesting and Processing: When and how.



Turning fresh or processed plants into medicine

The many ways to make plants into internal and topical medicines

Solvents and Constituents: How to choose the right one for what you wish to treat.

Techniques on quality preparation and why some are better than others.

Which remedy or tonic is best suited to what issue and which person.


The many systems and modalities that are compatible with western herbalism including:

Aromatherapy, TCM, Ayurveda, Flower Essences and other herbalists in the world.

How to treat body, mind and spirit with plant medicine and look at more than symptoms and disgnoses.

The many ways to be an herbalist and create a way of life and a living from herbalism.

Class Forming May 2020

This class mixes lecture and video with hands-on experience: medicine making, outdoor classes, and field trips.

Class sizes are limited and the class fills up.
I do generally create a waitlist. 

A deposit, payment in full, or a payment plan in good standing guarantees your place in the class. 

$1600 tuition is non-refundable.
Financed payment plans are:
$220 for 8 months (10% financing) or $184 for 10 months (15% financing). 

Opportunities for advanced clinical, cultivation, and/or apothecary work exist for students who successfully complete the course.

Lily also teaches an herbalism intensive for GAFEE. The next one starts April 2020. Click here for those details.

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