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Fancy being an Herbalist?

Calling yourself an herbalist should mean that you have had training in anatomy, physiology, materia medica, holistic views of the body, and more. Training is the key to being able to skillfully help others with plant medicine.

Lily offers three years of layered learning for those that want to heal others. Certificate of each level offered, applications can be made to AHG for RH mentorship program after level three.

Now enrolling for classes starting March 2023 in Clarksburg (near Morgantown), West Virginia! This class makes a great gift for the herb lover in your life who dreams of being a healer. Class spots are limited and will be given to folks who take COVID seriously. Masks and social distancing will be a part of the experience. We will keep one another safe.

Year One

A Solid Foundation

Holistic Medicine:
The systems of the body and how they interrelate and function.
How herbalists s
ee these systems differently than modern medicine and why.

Materia Medica, Volume One

Plant Identification

Using your senses to determine herb quality, uses, and constituents.

Learning about and making basic first aid and remedies for home use.

Plant communication, intelligence, and allyship

Bioregional model of herbalism

Year Two

Digging Deeper

Anatomy and physiology for holistic practictioners: how all body systems and parts are interdependent, interrelated, and affect one another.

Assessment of wellness: interviewing and asking questions

Cultivation Intensive: getting our hands in the dirt!

Wildcrafting and Ethics

Herb Processing for medicine making and general sale

Materia Medica, Volume Two

Advanced medicine making

Year Three

Becoming a Healer

Clinical hours, intakes, shadowing

Recordkeeping for herbalists

Motivational interviewing and case management

Apothecary hours

Advanced formulations

Solvents and Constituents

Running an herbal or healing business

Materia Medica, Volume Three

Limited enrollment offered to ensure each student gets attention and we stay safe in the age of COVID. Contact Lily to reserve your spot.

Class will be held on the third Wednesday of each month (starting in March 2023). Syllabus here.

Who takes an herb class? Many different kinds of people have been my students. Some are practitioners of some sort: nurses, dentists, MDs, midwives, or massage therapists. Many have never had anatomy or physiology experience and are absolute beginners. All are curious, love nature, and want to help people. The world needs more herbalists. Join us!

Advanced modules (clinical, cultivation, starting an herb business, education, and/or apothecary) can happen in the apprenticeship program after successful completion of this class. 


These classes mix lecture and video with hands-on experience: medicine making, outdoor classes, and field trips.

Class sizes are limited and the classes fill up. I do generally create a waitlist. 

A deposit, payment in full, or a payment plan in good standing guarantees your place in the class. 

$1200 tuition for each module is non-refundable. Pay in full or Lily can finance it for you.
Financed payment plans are:
$172.50 for 8 months or $138 for 10 months (15% financing).

Email Lily to enroll or ask questions.

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