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Why do most businesses fail within two years?

Mixing Organic Beauty Products

Hint: It has nothing to do with talent, passion, or ideas.

Is this the right class for you?

  • You are called to be a healer, a formulator, an educator, or a coach. You want to help people and have decided to start a business to do just that.

  • You are turned off by: "business as usual", and hyper-focus on making a sale or competing with others. You want to build relationships, not simply transactions in your business and want to learn how.

  • You are busy and want a class that fits into an adult's life and commitments, but goes in depth enough to give you what you need.

  • You are looking for a like-minded community of entrepreneurs and healers to support you.

I want you to succeed. I can help you build a successful foundation and connect you to like-minded healing entrepreneurs at the same time.


Creating a heart-centered business that pays you (and maybe a few others?) is possible! Sadly, most businesses fail (or become an expensive hobby instead of a career) because a solid foundation was not established from the start. Don't make that mistake- running a business must include things that are not the most fun, but absolutely necessary. Even if you outsource some of these tasks, you must know what they involve in order to supervise others doing them for you.

My six month program to starting a holistic, relationship-oriented, compassion-centered business can help you become the entrepreneur of your dreams! Sign up now!

Creative Thoughts

Month Four:
The Joys of Marketing

Website Design & SEO
Social media strategy

Strategic events & partnerships
Email marketing & sales funnels
Marketing plans

Holding Hands

Month Five:
Relationships, Not Transactions

Customer Engagement
Social Media Engagement
Creating Fans
Affiliate Programs
Strategic Partnerships
Being "of service"
Being active in the community


Month Six: Synthesis!

Putting it all together:
Launching the (re-vamped) company
Applying for capital
Show off your revised websites
Show off your revised social media
Show off you new elevator pitch
Show off your new branding
Business plan in three steps

Holistic Business Bootcamp:

Light Bulbs

Month One:
Idea to Reality!

Pitch us your concept!
Tell us your Mission, Vision, and Values
Who is your audience/customer?
How are you situated in the marketplace?
Do you have an elevator pitch?
Do you have competition?
How are you unique?
What do you bring to this idea?
How will we make it a reality?

Wood Frame of House

Month Two:
Building Your Foundation

Creating a comprehensive business plan
Learning about finances/budgets
Building systems for success
Picking a corporate structure

Thinking about taxes (before they come due)
Learning about the business regulations/licensure in your state.

All Hands In

Month Three:
Who's on Your Team?

Hiring, firing, training, and supervision
Contractors or employees?
Should you work with friends or family?
How to recruit to your weaknesses
Creating a training plan and job descriptions
Letting go and allowing others to work on your business

About the class:
  • This class is a cohort model- meaning you will get to know other like-minded budding entrepreneurs while you get coaching and assistance setting up your business. Community and coaching? Yes, please!
  • Each month (for six months) we have a live interactive Zoom on a specific topic (outlined above) with Q & A.
  • Every week after that month's topic introduction, you get an email with homework to do, readings, and videos to help move you along! This breaks the information up (so it is more digestible) and makes the work of building a business more manageable. Lily sets you up to succeed, and gives you the direction and feedback you need.Cohorts starting for first Wednesdays and third Sundays of each month (for 6 months).
  • A Discord server (don't know what that is? We'll explain it!) is set up for each cohort to communicate with Lily and each other in-between Zoom meetings. We can share thoughts, links, and resources all the time!
Join a cohort!
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Once you fill out this form, we will be in touch with forms to fill out (to get you enrolled), and agreements to sign. We are excited to work with you!

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