Creative Thoughts

Month Four:
The Joys of Marketing

Website Design & SEO
Social Media Strategy

Strategic events & partnerships
Email Marketing & Sales Funnels
Marketing Plans

Holding Hands

Month Five:
Relationships, Not Transactions

Customer Engagement
Social Media Engagement
Creating Fans
Affiliate Programs
Strategic Partnerships
Being "of service"
Being active in the community


Month Six: Synthesis!

Putting it all together:
Launching the (re-vamped) company
Applying for capital
Show off your revised websites
Show off your revised social media
Show off you new elevator pitch
Show off your new branding
Business plan in three steps

The Program:
Holistic Business Bootcamp

Light Bulbs

Month One:
Idea to Reality!

Pitch us your concept!
Tell us your Mission, Vision, and Values
Who is your audience/customer?
How are you situated in the marketplace?
Do you have an elevator pitch?
Do you have competition?
How are you unique?
What do you bring to this idea?
How will we make it a reality?

Wood Frame of House

Month Two:
Building Your Foundation

Creating a comprehensive Business Plan
Learning about Finances/Budgets
Building Systems for Success
Picking a corporate structure

All Hands In

Month Three:
Who's on Your Team?

Hiring, Firing, Training, and Supervision
Contractors or employees?
Should you work with friends or family?
How to recruit to your weaknesses
Creating a training plan

These classes are the 4th Wednesday of each month (for 6 months- starting in December 2022), 6:30 PM on Zoom.

Makes a great holiday gift for the budding entrepreneur!

This class is $350 for the 6 months of Zoom classes and mentoring support.