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Lots of events to choose from!

Lily has lots of ready-to-present workshops, classes, presentations and more. Take a look to see if any suit your fancy, or contact her to create a custom event!


Essential Oil Safety

Medicinal Gardening

This class starts by reviewing what grows well in the participants' USDA zone, looks over individual growing space (sun, soil, moisture), talks about companion planting herbs with edibles, and then helps participants to assess their medicinal needs. Lily covers growing in the ground, in raised beds, and in containers to make the class accessible to all. After getting a wealth of information, participants then map out their growing area on graph paper, plug in what to grow where, and even get a discount on medicinal seedlings! This class is best scheduled in March or April.


Lily can do an academic or conference-style presentation (with slideshow deck) on myriad subjects. These combine the generational wisdom of holistic healing systems with the latest scientific research. Lily has presented at universities, academic and professional conferences, libraries, and other venues.

Essential Oil Safety

This presentation covers myths and misconceptions about essential oils ("They are natural and therefore cannot harm me."; "They are safe to ingest if they are high quality."; "They are safe for everyone") and breaks down how essential oils work, how to use them most effectively, what is unsafe use, how safe use of essential oils varies by population demographics, and is suitable for health care professionals as well as laypeople.

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