Lily's newest class offering is an online sex, body, and relationship class for adolescent girls (ages 8+). If you are appalled at the war on women and their bodies- this is a way to build a better world, one girl at a time. All girls deserve to be well prepared for adulthood.

All AFAB (assigned female at birth) girls and non-binary youth are welcome. Self-identified trans girls are welcome.

The in-person version of the class debuts January 2020. It is an eight session class, happening twice a month for 4 months. (There will also be an online version developed for those who cannot attend in person in Columbus.)

Click here for the curriculum.
This class is less than $60 per session and the lessons will last a lifetime. Your girl is worth the investment! The education is well thought out and will answer all her questions. She will move forward into adulthood confident and well equipped to deal with sex, bodies, and relationships.

This is the class we all wish existed when we were kids. Unable to make the dates posted? Never fear- an online version is being created and will debut soon!

Click here to register and pay in full ($450), or split tuition into 2, 3,or 4 payments. 
If you would like to arrange a payment plan, email Lily.

Meet Your Teacher

Lily Kunning is a mother, educator, herbalist, and sex educator trained for all: adults, children, and adolescents. 

She went to a Unitarian Universalist seminary (part of the Graduate Theological Union at UC Berkeley) with the intention of teaching children and youth about world religions, sex and bodies, and more.

Working with the UU church, she became an OWL (Our Whole Lives) sexuality educator. OWL is widely seen as some of the best the US has to offer in terms of sex education.  In teaching it for several years, she realized that it was not being kept up-to-date quickly enough on disease prevention and treatment, pornography, the internet, gender identity, or common things like sexting.

She decided to create her own program to reach beyond the confines of OWL (so that people outside the churches that created it (the UUs and the UCCs) would hear about the program and feel good about sending their kids to it). Maiden Voyage is the result. It is secular, pro-sex, pro-body, diverse and inclusive, and consent oriented. It is based in science and feminism.


(She was also trained as a sex educator for adults when she was a worker owner at Good Vibrations, a company that was dedicated to sex education, the right to pleasure, feminism, and consent in sexual relations.)

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Herbalism & Activism: 

Lily is dedicated to bring affordability to wellness for all.

Her Fullscript dispensary is online, open to clients, students, and community members, and offers 20% off retail prices on all supplements (which can be quite spendy, let's be real)

She offers this to clients, students, and the public as an act of service. You are welcome to create an account and search for supplements here.