Make/Do Farm is Lily's latest work-in-progress. In May 2020, she moved from metro Columbus to a farm on the outskirts of London, Ohio to centralize and consolidate her work for Haven Herbs, her ongoing educational work with herb students, start growing medicine for Herbalists Without Borders, house many of Sassafras Ohio's projects, and to start a healthier way of living for her family (homesteading).

The farm currently offers:
A sustainable way to grow herbs that are best processed into medicine quickly at their peak of potency, A production facility for cottage industry items,
An order fulfillment center for Haven Herbs,

More educational opportunities for her herbalism students,

A seed library for Sassafras,

The start of a garden for herself, Herbalists Without Borders, and Haven Herbs,

And a harmonious place to be, living in nature. Watch this spot for happenings on the farm!

Future projects include:
Chickens! Pastured happy hens!

Expanded gardens for food and medicine

Medicinal trees
Licensed facility for Haven Herbs
Guided medicinal plant ID walks
Goats for soap and cheese
Bees for pollination, honey, wax, and propolis

More plant beds specifically for Herbalists Without Borders

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