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Make/Do Farm was Lily's dream for her family in Ohio. In May 2020, she moved from metro Columbus to a farm in Madison county, Ohio to centralize and consolidate her work as an herbalist, make a better life for her family, and live the life she has dreamed about for a long time.

Sadly, the landlord there booted the family out, as he did not want to make the needed repairs to the home as promised or requested. It was huge drama and lots of people came to the family's aid to protect them. Read the blog for more information.

While Make/Do did not become a reality, when a door closes, another opens- and now Lily has become an owner of re:Source Sanctuary and Farm- a collectively run farm project in West Virginia!

re:Source has:

  • a dedicated separate kitchen for farm products and Haven Herbs.

  • a home for 4 adult humans, one teen human, 5 indoor birds, a cat, two dogs, and livestock.

  • growing space for food and medicine for the collective as well as for sale.

  • a new botanical sanctuary with United Plant Savers.

  • class, workshop, and intensive space through its school, Root + Rhizome School of Folkways.

  • It will have laying poultry, dairy goats, and bees.

  • It will have a scissorbeak (chicken) sanctuary, run by our resident teen unschooler!

  • a budding forest farm and permaculture garden

  • and much more in the coming years!

Check out the farm at the re:Source website.

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