Make/Do Farm is Lily's latest work-in-progress. In May 2020, she moved from metro Columbus to a farm in Madison county, Ohio to centralize and consolidate her work as an herbalist, make a better life for her family, and live the life she has dreamed about for a long time.

The farm is the future licensed production facility for Haven Herbs (she is a worker owner of this cooperative herbal apothecary).

The farm currently offers:
A sustainable way to grow herbs that are best processed into medicine quickly at their peak of potency, A production facility for cottage industry items,
An order fulfillment center for Haven Herbs,

More educational opportunities for her herbalism students,

100 acres to wildcraft and lead plant identification walks,

A seed library for Sassafras,

The start of gardens for herself, Herbalists Without Borders, and Haven Herbs,

And a harmonious place to be, living in nature. 
A home to 92 laying chickens/roosters who live a lovely pastured life. Eggs for sale!

Future projects include

Medicinal trees and shrubs (starting in 2021)
A licensed production facility for Haven Herbs (2021/2022)
Goats for soap and cheese (planned for 2025)
Bees for pollination, honey, wax, and propolis (planned for 2022)

More plant beds specifically for Herbalists Without Borders (2021 and beyond)

Wanna read more about the work and transition from being an urban herbalist (trained on the west coast) to a midwestern on-the-land herbalist? Read the blog!