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Next Level Family:

Help me fund my way to Breakthrough and VIP! As a healer, my vision is to reach more people who need wellness with them in mind: people surviving chronic illness and chronic pain. My herbal consultations tend to be with folks living with cancer and auto-immune dysfunction and this has become my specialty. I also live with a partial disability that limits my movement and work with others like me to find health at every size and condition.

My vision is to expand my one-on-one consultations into a comprehensive 6 week online program
 called "Wellness in Weeks". It features a weekly webinar, handouts, coaching, and works each week toward healthy lifestyle changes (regardless of where you start- this program is inclusive of EVERYONE). 

I have coached and done wellness consultations one-on-one. I have taught both in person and online for years. But there is a learning curve I need to handle with interactive digital platforms like webinar teaching. Things the first couple go-rounds might be a tad clunky. I am "in beta", as they say. AND I do not have extra funds currently to plunk down on Breakthrough and VIP. So I am going for a win-win here and launching two sessions of Wellness in Weeks Beta Edition to get feedback and funds simultaneously.

Next Level Family, this coaching would normally cost $500 for the six week package.  But in order to register two sessions of  “Wellness in Weeks Beta Edition” before the payment deadline for Breakthrough 28, I am asking $99 (and a feedback form returned) per person for the entire program. If you or someone you know would benefit from this kind of wellness coaching, please enroll, gift it to someone, or send them this URL. 

Wellness in Weeks is a guided overhaul of the major factors in life that make or break a healthy lifestyle. This includes information and gradual, do-able steps to increase your health and well-being with guidance from a wellness coach who cares. (Learn about actual nutrition, not just fad diets. Read about exercise that is appropriate for all bodies, not just healthy resilient 20 year olds with no mobility issues. Learn about products in your home that cause health problems and how to identify and replace them.) At the end of 6 weeks, no matter how healthy you were to begin with, you'll be healthier for the program. You will have made serious incremental changes that put you on a path to wellness.


This is an 6 week class. It consists of a live interactive webinar once a week with Q & A on that week's topic (which is recorded for those that have to miss one) and lessons/homework for folks to take away each week. Each week builds on the last and creates a complete overhaul of some major areas that affect physical health and wellness.


Each cohort is 25 people or less, allowing me to help tweak general guidelines for each person based on their constitution, condition, illness, allergies, and medications. I am available to participants throughout the course for questions, concerns, and comments (and of course, as the first two cohorts, I want FEEDBACK on all aspects- content, but also tech, handouts, and presentation!)


I am enrolling for two six week sessions (small groups of 25 people each) NOW, and the $99 fee applies to the first 50 enrollments only. Breakthrough starts Feb 27, so I need those enrollments now! I really hope you see the value and spread the word!

To the right, see what each week covers. These are the areas that most people will find the biggest impact. I guarantee that you will learn something new that will change something in your life and way of being in the world in this six week session.

Session One (
Monday evenings at 7 PM):
March 9-April 13

Session Two (Monday evenings at 7 PM):
April 20-May 25

Enrollees will be contacted by email upon enrollment. 

This is an online group coaching class, so access to the internet and a computer are necessary to participate. No other technical savvy is needed!

Wellness in Weeks

Diet and Nutrition. What is nutritious for YOU? (It actually  varies from person to person). Debunking fad diets(and there are a lot of them). How to eat well when busy and on-the-run.

Supplement information with no sales pitch!


Toxins. Eliminating carcinogens and endocrine disruptors in our lives. How to identify unhealthy home and body care and replace it with healthier non-toxic choices (or learn how to make your own!)


Movement for every body. People with pain or limited mobility can exercise too. Learn about ways to stay well and active!

Health at every size and level of mobility!


Sleep. Many people suffer from insomnia- either not being able to get to sleep, or waking and not being able to get back to sleep. Learn about holistic sleep hygiene and supplements and how it can help you restore your body and mind each night.


Addictions, mindlessness, and habits. Learn how to overcome bad lifestyle choices that have become engrained into your life: substances, screens and media, and patterns that no longer serve you. Take back your life!


Passion in relationships and activities. Relationship red flags and green flags, Finding your passion and your people for a fulfilling life.


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Lily is dedicated to bring affordability to wellness for all.

Her Fullscript dispensary is online, open to clients, students, and community members, and offers 20% off retail prices on all supplements (which can be quite spendy, let's be real)

She offers this to clients, students, and the public as an act of service. You are welcome to create an account and search for supplements here.