All Lily's online learning classes are self-paced (no deadlines to add stress) and easygoing, yet offer a ton of wisdom and learning. You simply do it when you have time for it.

While the lessons are released in a specific timeframe, they never expire- so you can pick up where you left off anytime. And the lessons are yours to keep for a lifetime. Many include downloadable books to add to your library of learning- yours to keep.

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Learn the truth about essential oils without a sales pitch at the end! This class is taught by an environmentalist trained in botanical medicine.

The goal is to educate the public so that these are not misused and can help heal instead of harm.

Class includes a downloadable reference book and is only $10 per month!

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Want to learn herbalism for you and yours, but daunted by how much there is to know? Start by learning one herb a month really well, and you cannot fail! This class introduces you to 12 herbs you should know.

Class includes a downloadable book for each herb and weekly lessons to reinforce the reading and web lessons. Class starts at $5 per month!

Foundations of Western Herbalism-5.png

Want to know more herbalism than what the PMC offers? This class gets you started on how the body works (anatomy & physiology), how plants affect that physiology (materia medica), medicine making, and so much more.

This class is an undergrad level course that will put you on the path towards herbalism as a vocation. $800, or break it up into 4 or 8 monthly payments.

I am busy working on future online classes including personalized wellness coaching, more modules of People's Medicine Course, Medicine Making, and Maiden Voyage, a sex/body/relationship education for adolescents and kids.

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