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Yet Even More Chickening!

As I write this, the first 40 hens are eating dinner in their Chicken Palace and 40 more lil peepers are in two brooders (soon to be three, then four!) in the downstairs bathroom (again). Our chicken dream is coming true and it is in large part to a community of folks who helped. We are so grateful to have so many come and assist building such a large coop to ensure the financial future of Make/Do. (Thanks so much to Aaron, Adrian, Bethany, Damon, Donald, Eddy, Kayla, Jade, Joe, Julie, Jurgita, Mary, Phinn, Preston, Rowan, and Tracy to contributing to the build.) In all, it took 8 full days of labor and a team each time to get it built. I will be woodburning a plaque to put on the coop as a huge thank you!

Next chicken step: an predator-proof indoor run for bad weather and electrified poultry netting for fine weather (to pasture them throughout the property.) I joke to my partner that we should get ostriches next. Next other steps for the farm: finish tilling up the soil for the plots for this year, covering it with old carpet to kill the VERY STRONG grass that we tilled up, and building a fence for the main kitchen garden. All that in this month- so we get our starts in the ground (most germinated! Yay!

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