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We call our chicken eggs "Happy Eggs" for a reason. Our chickens are treated like the royalty that they believe themselves to be. 

How are our eggs (and our chicken-keeping) different? 

1. Freedom! Ours are pastured (not "free range") hens. Did you know that legally, the term "free range" means simply no cage? And what that has come to mean for many farms with large scale egg production is their birds never see the sunlight or feel grass beneath their talons. It's true- they just live in a crowded barn. Instead of "free range" birds, we chose to give our ladies sunlight, fresh air, plenty of bugs to eat, and plenty of forage. Pastured is better than free range for the bird and for you- birds that forage rather than only getting commercial feed are healthier and they make healthier eggs. You can tell by the color of the yolk and the firmness of the white and shell. Pasturing makes a happier bird and therefore a yummier, healthier egg. 

2. The best food. Our chickens forage and get wonderful items that we grow on the farm as their main diet. The pasture where they live has a lot of chicory, plantain, chamomile, insects, and red clover. They get kitchen scraps like kale, pea pods, and the like, too. You'll see how great their food is when you see the color of the yolks and the hardness of their shells.

Your Make/Do farmer is also an herbalist, and she supplements her hens' diet with nutritious herbs that support avian wellness! We also make sure they get calcium, kelp, nutritional yeast, and such. 

When we do buy commercial feed (the winter sometimes necessitates this), it is whole grain, organic, non-GMO, and corn and soy free (and the girls think it's delicious). It contains red and white wheat, peas, quinoa, barley, flaxseed, sesame, and other grains, but never corn or soy. We often ferment supplemental feed for them. 

3. Quality care, security, and safety. Our hens are kept safe in a custom built, predator proof, heated-in-the-winter, chicken coop. Our run is spacious and full of wild forage, bugs, and other fun items for chickens. We vet our birds and they are considered family (yep, all 90 have names!). 

4. A fun variety. We have several heritage breeds that all lay different color eggs ranging from brown, speckled brown, blue, pink, and green! These breeds include the endangered Buckeye (an Ohio breed!), Welsummer, Buff Orpingtons, Sliver Laced Wyandottes, Easter Eggers, Aracauna, and Green Queens! Each dozen will be a variety of all types. Most of the breeds lay L-XL eggs, but some are M-L. A fun assortment is guaranteed! 

5. Eco-chic! In addition to a well-raised happy bird, we package in paperboard, never styrofoam.

One dozen happy chicken eggs

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  • Our hens get appropriate kitchen scraps, plenty of forage, and when supplemented with feed, it's organic, non-GMO, and corn and soy free.

    Your Make/Do farmer is also an herbalist, and she ensures wellness by giving the appropriate herbs to chickens, too!

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