Lily does private speaking engagements and workshops

She can help create a presentation or workshop specifically for your group's interests. Once she knows more about your groups and its needs, she can create pricing either per head or a flat, all-inclusive package, your choice.


Make and Take Workshops. Participants create herbal medicine, natural body care and take some home.


Presentations on holistic health topics: herbalism, gut health, essential oils, food as medicine. Can be geared towards health care professionals or laypeople. 


Wellness information for a specific group: kids, pets, pregnant folks...


Herbalism adjacent topics like cooking with medicinal herbs, gardening, cocktails and bitters making, or baking extract making.

Lily has a variety of ways to present material, making learning not only informative and enlightening, but a fun activity, if you wish. 

You can choose anything from a formal presentation in a lecture hall (with handouts and powerpoint) to a getting-your-hands-dirty, interactive, DIY workshop (and everything in-between)!

She can design a class or workshop for kids (summer camp anyone?), adults, or professionals in a specific field of study.

Lily has decades of educational experience with all age levels: she has taught in public schools, in churches and with Boy and Girl Scout troops, and with adults in private classes and gatherings, at libraries and rec centers, and presented at private events for businesses.

Past presentations have included the Herb Society of America, Ohio Nurses Association, Ohio School for the Deaf, Virtue Salon, and the Yelp Elite Squad. 

A class or workshops makes a fun activity for a club, a group of friends, a baby or wedding shower, or for a business looking for a team building exercise.

To the left are types of classes Lily has done, but this is by no means a comprehensive list.

Have an idea that you'd like her to prepare? Ask!

Illustrated Rosemary