Lily gives talks and workshops to private events, groups, and clubs. Lectures and workshops alike.

Past presentations have included: Herb Society of America, Grandview Heights Public Library, Ohio Nurses Association, Ohio School for the Deaf, Yelp Elite Squad, Newcomers of Columbus, Girl Scout troops, private baby showers, and private birthday parties.

She can help create a presentation or workshop specifically for your group's interests.
More about cost.

Lily is available for talks and workshops on a variety of subjects for your next gathering. She has been teaching all age levels since 1998 and has taught myriad subjects and topics.

Workshops (hands-on activities) and lectures (powerpoint presentations) she has ready-to-go include:
Baths, Soaks, Steams, Washes, and Poultices
Detox Your Home Care

Digestive and Cocktail Bitters
DIY Body Care

Essential Oil Safety
Extracts (Other Than Tinctures)
Foundations of Western Herbalism
Gut Health is Radiant Health
Herbal Inspired Cocktails
Herbs for Chronic Pain and Illness

Herbs for Emotional Health
Herbs and Oils for Kids
Herbs and Oils for Pets
Herbal Gift Making
Immune Boost

Incense Making
Lozenges and Lollies

Maiden Voyage

Medicine Maker Series
Meet this Herb(s)
Oils, Salves, and Balms
Planning a Medicinal Garden
Syrups, Elixirs, Oxymels, and Honeys
Winter Wellness in a Jar


Detox Your Home Care: Americans have a huge problem with the products they use to clean their homes- most contain ingredients banned in other countries that disrupt endocrine systems and cause cancer. Learn how to identify bad ingredients, how to select healthy cleaning products or make your own! This can either be a lecture or workshop- if a workshop, participants can be given recipes and make one-two items to clean their homes.


Digestive and Cocktail Bitters: a history of cocktail culture (and how its roots are in herbal medicine), the difference between digestive bitters and cocktail bitters, tasting several varieties, how to make each, and a hands-on exercise in making a jar of each to go home! Workshop.

DIY Body Care: Americans have been taken for a very toxic ride when it comes to body care products. 99% of American shampoos and toothpastes have SLS and paragons for example. These ingredients cheapen the formula and extend the shelf life for the manufacturer, but are carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting. Many of the ingredients allowed in American body care are banned in other countries. Learn what to look for on a product label, get some tools for decoding what mysterious ingredients are, and make some of your own! This class can be a lecture or a workshop. If a workshop, participants can make toothpowder and deodorant as part of the workshop.


Essential Oil Safety: This class is critical to counteract the unethical marketing done by MLM companies who continue to spread unsafe information about how to use essential oils. Mostly lecture, participants (including health care professionals) have been astonished to learn they have most likely fallen for marketing hype and used EOs unsafely. This lecture ends with a hands-on activity of diluting essential oils and what is involved and participants take home a product that they helped make.


Foundations of Western Herbalism: This 18 part series teaches the basics of becoming a community herbalist: anatomy, physiology, materia media that affects the body (and how), herb quality, cultivation, harvesting, processing, medicine making, and more. Offered to a class of 20 or less, this is half lecture, half workshop each session.


Gut Health is Radiant Health: a lecture that includes powerpoint about the problem of PPIs, the epidemic of American digestive issues, nutrition as the foundation of health, use of probiotics and bitters therapy, and the gut brain axis. Lecture.

Herbal Gift Making: This fun workshop has us making luscious body care items to give as gifts for the winter holidays (or anytime!). We make body lotion, bath scrubs, and lip balms- all in cute custom packaging to make the gift extra special. Workshop.


Herbal Inspired Cocktails: Cocktail culture has its roots in herbalism- the syrups, tonic water, and bitters used in creating cocktails once were actual therapies (now watered down, of course). Learn about each ingredient, taste them, and make an herbal syrup to take home. We'll create a cocktail for the class to sip on as they learn (so age 21+ participants only, please). Workshop.


Herbs for Chronic Pain & Illness: a holistic view of chronic pain and illness and a connecting the dots of seemingly disparate symptoms. We end with herbs but do not start there. We talk about diet, exercise, stress, lifestyle and support systems, and then how to select herbs that can complement or replace any pharmaceutical the person may use.


Herbs for Emotional Health: an overview of common mood disorders (anxiety, depression, rapid cycling between the two), how different medical models see these issues, how they are treated in different medical models, and how herbalism can play a role in emotional wellness. Lecture.

Herbs and Oils for Kids: It's often after having kids that folks first start wanting to use natural remedies as their "go-to". What herbs are safe for kids? The internet is a mixed bag when it comes to information, especially on essential oil safety. Learn from an herbalist what is safe and what isn't. Learn the top 10 herbs and oils to have in a family medicine cabinet. Lecture.


Herbs and Oils for Pets: Many people are aware that natural products can be used for flea repellent, deworming, nutrition and more when it comes to our pets. But which herbs and essential oils are safe, and which are safe in a species-specific way? Learn holistic pet care from a qualified herbalist! Lecture.



Immune Boost!: This class is often done as the weather turns cold, but can be done any time! Lily prepares an immune fortifying soup (either vegan or bone broth based- you choose) for participants to sip as they learn how to naturally enhance their immune systems. Lecture and then some!


Incense Making: Incense, in one form or another, has been used worldwide by many cultures. Participants will see and experience several types of natural incense (examples are brought- no synthetics will be used): cone, stick, bamboo, dhoop, coil, loose, bundles, etc. We will talk about and experience key ingredients used in formulas (burning enhancers, botanicals, resins and gums, essential oils). .We will make a formula together for participants to take home. Workshop


Maiden Voyage: One of the first classes of its kind, this class series is for adolescent girls ages 11 and up. The classes cover anatomy (teaching girls all their parts and the proper names), physiology (how their bodies work, including the menstrual and fertility cycle), how to care for their bodies and how they are changing through puberty, gender (all types), sex (all types, with all kinds of people, orgasms,- as well as pregnancy and STI prevention), and relationships (what makes a good one, what red flags to look for in bad ones, consent, and body autonomy). This series answers all questions and believes knowledge is power and we aim to empower girls to become women making informed choices.


Medicine Maker Series: This 8 part series teaches hands-on techniques on how to make herbal medicine in the western herbal tradition. Each workshop is two hours long and participants leave with finished products that they made as well as handouts with recipes so they can continue work at home. The eight classes are:
              Oils, Salves, and Balms: fat-based medicines
              Syrups, Elixirs, Oxymels, and Honeys: sweet remedies

              Tinctures: learn the three different ways to extract using ethanol alcohol

              Extracts: learn to extract using other solvents- glycerin, vinegar, or wine, for example.

              Tisanes: there's more to herbal teas than you think! make a medicinal yet tasty brew!

              Suppositories: you don't ever want to need them, yet know how to if that time comes!

              Lozenges and Lollies: slow release medicines- for more than just sore throats!

              Baths, Washes, Steams, Soaks, and Poultices: topical applications can do a lot.

These classes can be purchased as a series or a la carte.

Meet This Herb(s): Lily can provide an introduction to a plant (or several) in an interactive lecture. Participants will get to smell, feel, and taste the plant. You will learn about how it grows, when it should be harvested (and what part), and how to process it into the most effective medicine. You will learn what constituents it has and what actions it has in the body. Interactive Lecture.

Planning a Medicinal Garden: This innovative hybrid class is half lecture, half workshop. An overview of what can grow in your zone and personal plot, different kinds of medicinal plants that grow in your zone and how they best thrive, and how to choose different medicinal plants based on their actions as well as their companion planting potential. We then have three zones for people people to travel to: Ask the Herbalist, Companion Planting and Plotting, Ordering Medicinal Seedlings. Lecture/Workshop Hybrid. 

Winter Wellness in a Jar: This workshop is lots of fun, as participants learn to make 4 winter wellness remedies and they all fit together in a cute mason jar, perfect for gift giving! Sore throat lozenges, elderberry syrup, lip balm, and dry skin salve are created and taken home. Workshop.

Costs of each class or workshop varies. Some variables:
Classes versus workshops: 2 hour classes (no hands-on activities requiring materials) cost less than workshops (where participants take things home, and require ingredients and packaging). All workshops include materials and packaging.
Venue: The cost of a presentation can change based on if Lily comes to you (and you provide the venue) or if you need Lily to find a venue (which has venue rental fees associated). 
Tools: Cost can vary on whether Lily or you provide tools. (Medicine making, for example, often requires a stove, oven, or measuring cups.) 

Lily is happy to work with you to create a presentation that fits your budget and time allowances. Once she knows how many participants, she can create an all-inclusive flat price or charge per head.


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