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Dandelion Seeds

Speaking Engagements


Workshops combine the best of presentations and combine them with hands on activities. Audience doesn't simply listen, they are engaged in a tangible way! An example of this type of event is Lily's Medicinal Gardening workshop: where participants learn how to grow, then create a plan for their own gardens combining their edibles, their medicinal needs, companion planting, and more! Click for a list of ready-to-go workshops!


Make and Takes

Looking for a fun group activity for a club, class, or shower? How about learning in a hands-on way that results in wonderful take-home projects? Have fun while learning how to make body care, herbal medicine, or another project. An example of this class is Lily's History of Cocktails class where she talks about cocktail culture evolving from herbalism- tonic water, bitters, syrups- all key components for modern cocktails. Then students make some of these! Click for a list of ready-to-go make and takes!



Lily has presented for universities, conferences, webinars, and classrooms and can create a slideshow-based presentation that is compelling, educational, and fun for all. Everyone always learns something new when Lily runs the show! An example of this kind of event is Lily's Gut Health is Whole Body Health presentation (that she has done for the Ohio Nurses Conference, for example), where she combines the holistic generational wisdom of western herbalism with the latest scientific papers on the subject. Click for a list of ready-to-go presentations!


Custom Designed for You!

Have a great idea or topic you want to see happen? Lily creates new presentations, workshops, and make and takes on myriad subjects all the time! Give her the details and let's get to work! Use the form below!

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Custom Event Inquiry

Thanks! Lily will get back to you shortly!

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