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The plan is working!
"My anxiety is now under control. The plan we created together is working and the tonic really helps. Thanks!" -B.T.

"My brain fog has lifted and I have energy again!"- V.A.
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"If you loved the magic that was Boline Apothecary and want to support the revolution of empowerment in health care and self care in harmony with Mother Earth, please join me in supporting the vision of Lily Shahar Kunning by becoming a patron." _ Heidi H.
Tireless dedication
"I have seen her tireless dedication to the art of herbalism and its impact on my life and my family's life and also this community. It's simple to support this way, really. It's saying I see you. I see you doing this work sister and I honor your tireless, selfless, often thankless commitment. Be encouraged." - Heidi H.
"FINALLY!!! A truly trustworthy and Lily is a fountain of information. I have been plagued with a skin condition for years that no dermatologist has been able correct with success. 1 week of using Lily's herbal products and my condition is almost gone! Thank you Lily!"- Lynn V.
An absolute treasure
"An absolute treasure find to those seeking natural, holistic medical alternatives." - Phoenix H. 

"Great herbalist. Always excited to try her concoctions"- Nate H.
Highly recommend!
"Highly recommend this for anyone interested in herbal remedies - the proprietor is friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I was a bit intimidated since I do not know much about this subject, but I immediately felt comfortable in the shop and with asking questions and finding the right remedies for me."- Rosie H.
So very knowledgeable
"So very knowledgeable about herbs and natural healing. I've taken their Stop the Crud which has kept me from getting sick while others around me were all sick. Also the lemonbalm glycerite is a great anti viral that I just got and I love it. I feel like I have a better handle on my health now."- Karen B.
Thank You
"I want to thank you for helping me winnow my pharma and regain functionality again." - Brenna M.
Feeling great again
"Candida free and feeling great!" - Marla O.
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Herbalism & Activism: 

Lily is dedicated to bring affordability to wellness for all.

Her Fullscript dispensary is online, open to clients, students, and community members, and offers 20% off retail prices on all supplements (which can be quite spendy, let's be real)

She offers this to clients, students, and the public as an act of service. You are welcome to create an account and search for supplements here.