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Health for All Begins Here

Wellness in Weeks is a six week coaching program designed for people with chronic illness, pain, and mobility issues, led by a compassionate coach who cares and understands!

All weeks include lecture, video, handouts, and homework to change a vital component of your life for the better!


Course Details

1-1.5 hour interactive webinars weekly for 6 weeks on:
Week One: Diets and Nutrition
(Debunk fad diets, get real science-based advice, and help eating well!)
Week Two: Detoxing Your Life (Get rid of the carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and other toxics in your life)
Week Three: Movement for all Bodies (Let's find something just for you!)
Week Four: Sleep Hygiene (We all need to reset- but many have a hard time. Learn natural ways to get good rest.)
Week Five: Stress Management and Emotional Support (Manage stress and anxiety and depression!)
Week Six: Finding Passion and Joy (Surround yourself with people and activities that feed you.)

Next cohort begins June 1!

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