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Health for All Begins Here

Wellness in Weeks is a 24 week coaching program designed for everyone. So often wellness and health leaves out people with mobility issues, chronic illness or pain, or people of size. Not this class! This class starts where you are, takes you to a healthier place, and is led by a compassionate coach who cares and understands!

No matter where you are in your journey, this mentorship can help you on the road to wellness. While the class is suitable for all people, it is especially helpful for people with chronic conditions and pain. Lily's practice has evolved to mostly help people with cancer, auto-immune conditions, and endocrine dysfunction. 

All weeks include lecture, video, handouts, and homework to change a vital component of your life for the better!


Course Details

1-1.5 hour interactive webinars weekly for 6 weeks on:
Week One: Diets and Nutrition
(Debunk fad diets, get real science-based advice, and help eating well!)
Week Two: Detoxing Your Life (Get rid of the carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and other toxics in your life)
Week Three: Movement for all Bodies (Let's find something just for you!)
Week Four: Sleep Hygiene (We all need to reset- but many have a hard time. Learn natural ways to get good rest.)
Week Five: Stress Management and Emotional Support (Manage stress and anxiety and depression!)
Week Six: Finding Passion and Joy (Surround yourself with people and activities that feed you.)

Next cohort begins June 1!

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