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Healthy Food

Wellness in Weeks

Six months, six areas of wellness.
Each week, you get assignments and homework!
Make changes for the better in bite-sized increments.
All taught by a coach who cares!

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Now, when you enroll, Lily will donate $100 to Cancer Support Community, Central Ohio!

Presented by Lily Kunning,
Community Herbalist

A clinical western herbalist by training, Lily also has training in Chinese medicine and human nutrition. She understands people with chronic illness, pain, and conditions. After overcoming debilitating injury, she learned to navigate disability and found many therapies that helped regain function and live pain free.

In her private practice, she found herself giving much of the same advice in the same six areas of wellness. This class is the culmination of years of coaching, research, and consultations. Join Lily for a six month mentorship that combines, lecture, readings, videos, and yes... homework! Every week, you'll get an email with an assignment reinforcing the month's topic. Each month, we have a live webinar presentation  with plenty of time for Q & A.

In this webinar series we will cover

Diet & Nutrition

  • Debunking fad diets

  • Health at every size

  • Real science-based nutrition

  • Supplementation advice

  • Ways to eat well in a time crunch


  • Toxic chemicals all around us

  • Endocrine disruption & carcinogens

  • Cleaning your home naturally

  • Choosing furniture, construction, and appliances

  • Body care and cosmetic choices


  • Why all bodies need to move

  • Movement that works for you: your body, your schedule

  • Movement with disability

  • Gentle movement

Sleep Hygiene

  • Why sleep is needed (and how much)

  • Sleep hygiene and routine

  • Supplementation

  • Things to avoid so you can sleep

  • The types of insomnia (and how to fix! them)

Stress Management

  • Stress is a killer

  • Time management

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Learning to say no

  • Relationships & Commitments

Emotional Health

  • Laughter is the best medicine

  • What brings you joy?

  • Fostering healthy relationships

  • Passion projects are not "extra"

  • Self Care


Hi, I'm Lily Kunning, and I am trained as an herbalist, wellness coach, and nutritionist. I also have training and experience in many holistic systems of medicine. You may know me from my shops, Boline Apothecary or Haven Herbs. You may have taken a class with me at Cancer Support Community or at a conference. You may have seen me as a client. In my clinical practice, I see a lot of people with cancer, auto-immune conditions, and chronic pain.

The thing all of these folks have in common is they feel at the end of their rope. They have seen the insides of so many doctor's offices and hospitals and still do not feel well. As I starting meeting with my clients, one-on-one, I found myself making many of the same recommendations, over and over. And most of the time, my clients said that their doctors had never told them these things.

Wellness encompasses more than taking a pill. Most people are surrounding themselves with things that make them sick, and they have no idea.

This course gives you a clear, do-able path to beneficial lifestyle changes that make the difference between struggling and striving - between treading water and thriving.

This program is the synthesis of seeing so many clients, one-on-one. I have identified six key areas where lifestyle changes make a big impact on overall wellness. And in presenting the material, I blend generational wisdom of holistic systems of western herbalism, classical Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda with the latest science. These are not opposites (science and holistic medicine)! In fact, science is now busy corroborating many of the things holistic systems already knew!

I want to join Wellness in Weeks,
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You are on your way to wellness!

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