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Lily has been creating custom formulas for wellness clients, other companies, and her own worker owned company for years. Shop Haven Herbs for her ready-to-go formulas or get a custom formula after a consultation!


Lily founded the central Ohio chapter of Herbalists Without Borders, started the non-profit Sassafras Ohio, is the solidarity and mutual aid coordinator for Haven Herbs. She has worked for equal rights, environmental justice, union drives, and more through Queer Nation, ACT UP, Pynk Panthers and SF Street Patrol, Greenpeace, the IWW, and the UFW.


In 2020, Lily moved to a farm and is building a place that restores native biodiversity, grows food and medicine, raises pastured livestock, and teaches sustainable folkways. Make/Do Farm is a place to learn about herbalism, DIY, and sustainability. Get products from the farm and read about her adventures on the farm blog


Lily teaches herbalism intensives, DIY and sustainability workshops, online classes, and more.

She offers apprenticeships for herb students that have finished foundational training, too. 

"If you loved the magic that was Boline Apothecary and want to support the revolution of empowerment in health care  and self care in harmony with Mother Earth, please join me in supporting the vision Lily Shahar Kunning by becoming a patron."- H.H., Ohio

"FINALLY! A truly trustworthy herbalist and Lily is a fountain of information. I have been plagued with a skin condition for years that no dermatologist has been able to correct with success. One week of using Lily's products and my condition is almost gone." L.V., Ohio

"An absolute treasure for those seeking natural, holistic, medical alternatives. Take her classes!" P.H., California

"Highly recommend! She immediately put me at ease and I felt comfortable asking questions." R.H., Ohio

"So very knowledgeable about herbs and natural healing.. I feel like I have a better handle on my health now." K.B., Ohio


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