Lily Kunning, Community Herbalist

Lily is central Ohio's community herbalist- meaning she cares for individuals and the community at large with her projects and work. She offers wellness coaching, classes on herbalism and holistic wellness topics, and is key formulator for Haven Herbs. Check out her Patreon funded projects to see the breadth of her community work and how you can join her efforts and support community herbalism and activism.

Lily resides on a farm in London, Ohio: Make/Do Farm. She moved there May 2020 after living in the metro Columbus area for 8 years. You may know her from her former brick and mortar shop (Boline Apothecary), or as an instructor at Cancer Support Community or perhaps as a worker owner of Haven Herbs. She also started an Herbalists Without Borders chapter, a non-profit called Sassafras, and has taught many people on the subjects of herbalism, DIY, and holistic wellness.

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