About Lily

Columbus' Community Herbalist

Lily moved to Columbus in 2012 from Oakland, CA (where she trained as an herbalist, organized poetry slams, trained as a pastry apprentice, taught in the Oakland public schools, worked for myriad non-profits, went to seminary, and booked nightclubs and festivals, did corvid rehab, and ran a parrot services business called Squawk and Howl).

Upon arriving in C'bus, she started herbally helping folks one-on-one and started selling her surplus remedies at farmer's markets until she was offered funding to open a brick-and-mortar apothecary in 2013. Boline Apothecary lasted 4 years in Clintonville and quickly became a gathering place for herbal enthusiasts. 

After the closure of Boline (small retail is hard, y'all!), she continued to teach classes and organize herbal events (Lily Kunning, Community Herbalist, LLC), started a new worker owned company to continue creating the formulas that so many rely upon (formerly Boline Apothecary, now Haven Herbs). She started a Patreon in order to do some groundbreaking work in community herbalism and activism: starting an Herbalists Without Border chapter for central Ohio, running People's Clinic events, organizing a new annual herb conference, Sassafras, starting a radio show/podcast called Beyond Theory, and more.

In other words, she still stays busy with meaningful work, classes, and community!

She lives in Clintonville with her partner, child and four amazing birds.
(Ask her about birds, y'all. She'll talk your ear off.)

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Herbalism & Activism: 

Lily's Fullscript dispensary offers 20% off retail prices on supplements. 

She offers this to clients, students, and the public as an act of service. Create an account and search for supplements here.

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