What kind of herbalist do you want to be?



2/13/20241 min read

pink and yellow flowers with green leaves
pink and yellow flowers with green leaves

Lily offers advanced placement (in clinical, cultivation, and apothecary) for people that have had an "undergrad" education in western herbalism. The class taken should have been in-person (not online) and submission of curricula and affidavit of completion should be submitted for admission.

Successful completion of Lily's Foundations of Western Herbalism, her Herbal Certificate course at GAFEE, or another herbalist-taught class (of at least 43 classroom hours, 15 hours of field trips, and 41 hours of independent work) qualifies for entrance to the cohort.

Apprentices meet once a month for at least two hours, do one-on-one work at least two hours a month with Lily, do internships in clinical appointments or in the apothecary, and do independent work in the list of competencies.