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Advanced Apprenticeships

For qualified students (such as students who have completed Lily's Foundations class (or a comparable IN-PERSON herbal intensive successfully), Lily offers apprenticeships for advanced study. This is an intimate, more customized educational experience that is customized to what the student wants to learn: apothecary, clinical, cultivation, or education focus. 

A foundational class is just that- a solid foundation upon which you can start thinking about adding herbalism, as a vocation, into your life. This apprenticeship is more like graduate work- self-directed, and with a list of competencies you must demonstrate to finish.

Advanced students meet once a month as a group (third Wednesdays at 5 PM) and meet one-on-one with Lily monthly as well. Choose from clinical, apothecary, education, or cultivation tracks (or all of them).

Check out the list of competencies, then email Lily for details.

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