Lily is no longer taking new clients.

Lily has accepted a full time position at Concur: The Conscious Company in addition to her part-time position at Haven Herbs. As such, she no longer has room in her schedule to see new clients for one-on-one wellness consultations.

If you are a current client (she has already seen you for an intake), she will continue to work with you, formulate for you, and wants you to regularly check in. 

If you are looking for an herbalist for a consultation, there is an herbalism practice that has office hours in Columbus: Sovereignity Herbs. They also see folks in Athens. Also in Athens: Caty Crabb (You can contact her through her school). There are also herbalists in Marysville (Dawn Combs) and Ashtabula County (Leah Wolfe). You can also see Lily through the Herbalists Without Borders clinic.

She continues to teach in-person and online classes, do public and 
private speaking engagements, sell items in her Etsy shop, and help organize Sassafras and Herbalists Without Borders.

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Herbalism & Activism: 

Lily's Fullscript dispensary offers 20% off retail prices on supplements. 

She offers this to clients, students, and the public as an act of service. Create an account and search for supplements here.

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